Stormy Daniels Stormy  Daniels  thinks  Cohen  told  the  reality  to  lawmakers

Stormy Daniels Stormy Daniels thinks Cohen told the reality to lawmakers

Stormy Daniels

In grownup film starlet Rainy Daniels’ first public remarks given that former Trump fixer Michael Cohen testified about about hush cash payments made to her over a declared affair with Donald Trump, Daniels, likewise known as Stephanie Clifford, stated that she believes Cohen was informing the reality to legislators.

“I think it’s for the exact same reason that I came forward and was truthful. He’s tired of being bullied. He’s exhausted of being called a liar and a rat,” Clifford informed a crowd of about 500 women at The Wing, a female-focused office in Washington, D.C. 

While Clifford stated she just watched “part” of Cohen’s testimony before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee in February, she said that she couldn’t “escape” Cohen, who infamously paid Clifford $130,000 in a hush loan payment to keep peaceful about an declared affair with President Trump. 

“I can’t escape this man. He’s like herpes. Wait in fact, he’s dumber than herpes,” said Clifford. Cohen was sentenced in December to three years in federal jail, followed by three years of monitored release, stemming from his guilty plea to campaign financing infractions associated to payments to ladies who declared to have had affairs with Mr. Trump.

During his appearance on Capitol Hill, Cohen offered Congress documents showing a copy of a $35,000 check Mr. Trump made out to Cohen from his personal bank account to pay off Clifford, to avoid any loan being traced back to the president and the project. Mr. Trump previously rejected having any knowledge of such payments when asked by reporters.

It’s that payment, nevertheless, that Clifford declares was “offensive,”  adding that she got “significantly less” after others “took their commissions.”

“I would have added a zero to that,” Clifford said of the payment.  “That’s offending,” she added. “And that’s such a strange number. That’s one of things I desire to ask him – where did you get that number? It’s like such a strange number. It’s not a 100, or 150, it’s so unusual to me and it’s constantly kind of been that one detail that bugs me. For no excellent factor at all. [ …] I would have actually taken considerably less, truthfully. However if I had actually been the one asking for it, it would have actually been a lot more,” Clifford explained. 

Here are more highlights of Clifford’s conversation in D.C.:

  • Clifford disagreements claims that Michael Avenatti “dumped” her as a customer: “Yeah, how charming is that. Michael understood that I was very dissatisfied with a few things that … it discomforts me not to be able to share at this extremely moment however trust me, he knew that I was unhappy and that I was looking for brand-new counsel, and we all understand the genuine trick – you’re fired – ‘I quit! You can’t fire me.’ I think it’s really adorable that he had his little declaration all prepared to go on the defensive.” Her brand-new lawyer is Tulsa, Oklahoma attorney Clark Brewster.
  • Clifford teases brand-new discoveries: Clifford informed the crowd that she expects to bring another disparagement case against the president, citing “mistakes” in her very first go-around. 
  • Clifford declares Trump never ever desired to be president: “He informed me he didn’t want to be. [ …] I asked him, ‘Wouldn’t you want to be president?’ And he said ‘No. Have you seen what the men look like prior to and after? 2nd, I have way more fun hanging out with designs and my charm contestants.'” 
  • She feared Trump may have her eliminated: “I didn’t come forward because he was president. That made me not want to come forward even more since I was frightened he would have me killed. He was method more powerful as a president than a silly truth program star.”
  • She regrets not ballot in 2016: “One of my huge is sorry for is I did not vote in the last election. And I simply recognize now how essential that is.”

CBS News’ Rosa Kim contributed to this report.