Stormy Daniels Author Margaret Atwood brands people who overlook the environment crisis ‘sexist’ – and declares women’s rights and ecological issues are ‘very linked’

Stormy Daniels

Author Margaret Atwood brand names individuals who disregard the environment crisis ‘sexist’ and declares women’s rights and environmental issues are ‘very linked’

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Author Margaret Atwood brand names people who ignore the climate crisis ‘sexist’ and claims women’s rights and ecological problems are ‘very connected’

Daily Mail ^

| February 23, 2020
| Monica Greep

Posted on 02/23/2020 12:23:52 PM PST by EdnaMode

Author Margaret Atwood has claimed that females’s rights and the climate crisis are ‘very connected’.

The Handmaid’s Tale writer, 80, from Ottawa, Canada, firmly insisted that action around climate modification is ‘very essential’ and credited Greta Thunberg with leading momentum around this topic.


‘That and the rights of females are extremely connected. So the individuals who want to reduce women, also desire to pretend there is no environment crisis.

‘So if you reduce females, you reduce also some really strong voices about the climate crisis.’

(Excerpt) Read more at dailymail.

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So it’s all right to deny environment change if a man is speaking about it? Gotcha. 😀

posted on 02/23/2020 12:23:52 PM PST
by EdnaMode

To: EdnaMode

Earth burns to a crisp; ladies, minorities the majority of affected.

To: EdnaMode

From a fellow Canuck — Maggie, simply get over yourself. Take some of your book royalties, and what you’re getting from that HBO series and hie off to some resort someplace and drink some mai-tais and leave the rest of us out of it!

posted on 02/23/2020 12:28:25 PM PST
by coydog
(Time to feed the pigs!)

To: EdnaMode

“Author Margaret Atwood brand names people who ignore the environment crisis ‘sexist’ – and claims females’s rights and ecological issues are ‘very linked’”

what? If ladies had more rights they’d quit screwing up the environment so severely? Personally, i discover that tough to think …

posted on 02/23/2020 12:29:14 PM PST
by catnipman
(Cat Nipman: Vote Republican in 2012 and only be called racist one more time!)

To: EdnaMode

Margaret goes from the minors to major league silly.

posted on 02/23/2020 12:31:22 PM PST
by TangoLimaSierra
(To the Left, The Fact is Right Wing Extremism.)

To: EdnaMode

Who is reducing women in the western world? Where?

posted on 02/23/2020 12:31:44 PM PST
by deadrock

To: EdnaMode

Yawn — any who does not concur with (my race, sex, etc.) is a xxxxist.

That useless cent was spent throughout the obozo administration.

posted on 02/23/2020 12:31:52 PM PST
by freedumb2003
(“Don’t mistake activity for achievement.” – John Wooden)

To: EdnaMode

Thanks, Maggie, for the compliment;)

To: EdnaMode

She had learned what her market wants to hear.

She never ever made so much money till recently.

posted on 02/23/2020 12:34:09 PM PST
by ifinnegan
(Democrats kill babies and harvest their organs to offer)

To: All

The Handmaid’s Tale author

Well there ya go.

To: EdnaMode

Huh? She is not even lucid. 2 plus 2 can not equivalent 5. Ready. Fire! Goal.

posted on 02/23/2020 12:35:46 PM PST
by DariusBane
(Liberty and Risk. Flip sides of the exact same coin. So how much risk will YOU accept? Vive Deo et Vives)

To: EdnaMode

posted on 02/23/2020 12:38:29 PM PST
by DarthVader
(Not by speeches & majority choices will the terrific issues of the day be chose however by Blood & Iron)

To: deadrock

Well, to the liberals, something such as Trump and Stormy Daniels is an injustice of all.women, not simply reflective of bad decisions by one woman, who did something as a consenting adult she wishes she had not done.

To: EdnaMode

“Author Margaret Atwood brands people who overlook the environment crisis ‘sexist’ “

Really? It’s quite apparent that people like her who claim there is a climate crisis hate individuals of color and desire all of their kids dead. And they’re Nazis, too, and desire to deny the world of chocolate. Simply like her, I assert it, so it must be so.

To: EdnaMode

The just Climate Change … Fall, Winter, Spring, Summertime.

End of Story.

posted on 02/23/2020 12:42:36 PM PST
by EnglishOnly
(eWFight all out to win OR get out now. .)

To: EdnaMode

Listen to the science individuals!! The earth is a lady and environment is never ever expected to change!!!!!!!!!!

To: EdnaMode

Believe of all the resources that went into printing her book.

Think of all the resources that went into making the film.

Unless she’s willing to offer all that up she can simply sit down.

posted on 02/23/2020 12:51:54 PM PST
by ealgeone

To: EdnaMode

Can’t Understand Novel-coronavirus Transmission.
Send her to Wuhan.

posted on 02/23/2020 12:59:25 PM PST
by grey_whiskers
(The opinions are entirely those of the author and are subject to modification with out notification.)

To: EdnaMode

” … claims ladies’s rights and ecological problems are ‘very connected'”

Yes! They are … They are both crucial ideological elements of marxism (sometimes as communists, democrats, socialists, nazis, fabians, progressives, etc.)

Keep In Mind, if strolls like a duck and quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, it’s a duck

posted on 02/23/2020 12:59:42 PM PST
by SuperLuminal
(Where is Sam Adams now that we desperately requirement him)

To: EdnaMode

Yes folks, she IS truly that foolish.

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