Stormy Daniels 2  former  Columbus  cops  vice  officers  apprehended,  charged  in  federal  case

Stormy Daniels 2 former Columbus cops vice officers apprehended, charged in federal case

Stormy Daniels

COLUMBUS, Ohio – 2 previous Columbus authorities vice officers have been charged in a federal case.

Steven Rosser, 43, and Whitney Lancaster, 57, are charged with illegal searches and seizures and double billing off-duty information.

10 Examines has validated that Rosser entered a not guilty plea during an initial appearance Tuesday. Lancaster did not have his initial appearance because he did not have an attorney.

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Both officers had actually been put on leave prior to being fired by the Columbus Department of Authorities.

The United States Attorney’s Workplace launched the following information:

Nick’s Cabaret
According to the indictment, in March 2015, Rosser was included in a physical battle with an private at Nick’s Cabaret, a gentleman’s club on East Dublin Granville Roadway. Rosser supposedly represented that he was acting in the course and scope of his work as a cops officer throughout the fight and in the days that followed.

The indictment alleges that Rosser conspired with others to deny the other participant in that fight of his civil rights by having him seized and browsed without possible cause, in infraction of the Fourth Modification to the U.S. Constitution.

Based, in part, on a report that Rosser composed concerning the fight, officers apprehended that private in April 2015, and he was apprehended at the Franklin County jail for around five days prior to the charges against him were eventually dismissed.

The Doll-house
The indictment likewise alleges that in April 2018, Rosser, Lancaster, and others conspired to deprive one of the owners of the Dollhouse, a gentleman’s club on Karl Court, of his civil rights by seizing and searching him and his vehicle without likely cause, once again in violation of the Fourth Change.

Fort Rapids Indoor Waterpark Resort
Finally, the indictment declares that both offenders conspired to dedicate wire scams by consistently reporting incorrect and fraudulent special responsibility hours.

Specifically, in January 2018, the Fort Rapids hotel, dining establishment and indoor water-park complex on Business Drive in Columbus, suffered a fire-sprinkler break that led to extensive flooding. As a result, the Columbus Division of Fire bought a 24- hour per day “fire watch” by qualified workers to screen the site for additional damage and security issues.

It is alleged that Rosser and Lancaster consistently reported to the Fort Rapids ownership group that they were working unique responsibility during dates and times that they likewise reported they were on duty working their routine shifts as CPD officers. The two officers allegedly double-billed Fort Rapids and the Columbus Department of Cops on 29 days in between January and May 2018.

Lancaster and Rosser were fired by the Columbus Department of Cops earlier this year.

Rosser and Lancaster were stripped of their badges and re-assigned to desk responsibility in 2018 following the debate stemming from the arrest of Stormy Daniels and their work inside Columbus strip clubs.

10 Examines reported that Rosser and Lancaster made approximately $98,000 in 2019 while appointed to desk responsibility.

“The Columbus Department of Police continues to supporter for authorities responsibility and strongly supports today’s arrests on corruption charges versus these previous officers by the FBI and the Public Corruption Task Force. I applaud the commitment and efficiency of the collaborations leading to today’s arrests,” Columbus Cops Chief Thomas Quinlan stated in the release from the United State Lawyer’s Workplace.