Stormy Daniels DAMAGED:  Polices  fired  for  framing  Stormy  Daniels  reportedly  detained  on  federal  corruption  charges

Stormy Daniels DAMAGED: Polices fired for framing Stormy Daniels reportedly detained on federal corruption charges

Stormy Daniels

On Tuesday, the Scioto Valley Guardian reported that 2 former Columbus cops officers for the vice unit have been arrested on a number of federal charges.

Ex-Officers Steven Rosser and Whitney Lancaster are the same officers who apparently conspired to frame porn star Stormy Daniels, who became a national name after suing to get out of a nondisclosure contract worked out by President Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen to bury the story of Trump’s sexual affair with her.


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“Both males were fired in 2019 after an internal examination stated they set-up famed adult actress and best selling author Rainy Daniels,” wrote Derek Myers. “She was implicated of touching undercover polices, against state law while on trip in Columbus. Her July 2018 arrest was dismissed 12 hours after she was scheduled. She later took legal action against and settled for more than $400,000.” The whole vice unit was ultimately dissolved in the middle of the scandal.

The new allegations are unassociated to the Daniels event, but instead stem from a public corruption examination into their conduct around strip clubs and hotels.

“According to the indictment, in March 2015, Rosser was involved in a physical fight with an specific at Nick’s Cabaret, a gentleman’s club on East Dublin Granville Roadway,” composed Myers. “Rosser supposedly represented that he was acting in the course and scope of his employment as a police officer during the fight and in the days that followed. The indictment alleges that Rosser conspired with others to deny the other individual in that fight of his civil rights by having him took and browsed without possible cause, in violation of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.”

“The indictment likewise declares that in April 2018, Rosser, Lancaster, and others conspired to deprive one of the owner of the Dollhouse, a gentleman’s club on Karl Court, of his civil rights by taking and browsing him and his lorry without likely cause, again in infraction of the 4th Amendment,” continued Myers. “Finally, the indictment declares that both accuseds conspired to devote wire scams by routinely reporting false and deceptive unique responsibility hours,” by reporting unique responsibility to a Fort Myers hotel that suffered sprinkler damage at the exact same time they were working their standard hours for the Columbus Police Department.

“The FBI and the Southern Ohio Public Corruption Task Force are devoted to rooting out public corruption and working to make sure that those who abuse their law enforcement privileges are held responsible,” said FBI C incinnati Unique Agent in Charge Chris Hoffman in a statement. “We will continue to work with our partners to safeguard the people of this community and maintain their Constitutional rights.”

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