Michael Avenatti Legal representative  Don  Lewis  Exposes  Marc  Dreier  Scams  Redo

Michael Avenatti Legal representative Don Lewis Exposes Marc Dreier Scams Redo

Michael Avenatti

Michael Avenatti By Aaron Kesel

Not too long back, NY A ttorney at Law Don Lewis leapt at the chance to sign up with an up and coming company called Pierce Bainbridge Cost and Hecht (PB) that was initially based in California; and had actually started to broaden nationwide.

Unfortunately, Lewis getting in early with PB law firm turned into a catastrophe that others now note was the PB firm trying to repeat NY lawyer Marc Dreier’s steps in scams. Essentially, PB becoming Marc Dreier version 2.

According to Law Fuel, the firm specified in Might 2019 that “[Lewis’s] allegations of unethical and dishonest organisation practices. . . if real, would constitute criminal activity” and Pierce was alerted by an outside lawyer in the summer of 2018:  “[John] [t]rying to…build a significant NYC firm over night is extremely dangerous…The last person who attempted…was Marc Dreier. He ended up in jail.”

Don Lewis discovered leaders of PB were tampering with customer escrow accounts; and, when the truthful Don Lewis wept nasty, PB decided it would be much easier to shot to destroy Don Lewis’s profession – rather than stop doing its illegal incorrect acts, Law Fuel reported.

However, the plan to damage Don Lewis, by slander, did not work so well. Pierce Bainbridge Beck Price & Hecht LLP who curiously represents Michael Avenatti and Rudy Giuliani, was able to beguile other companies like Littler Mendelson (S. Jeanine Conley) and Putney Twombly (Michael D. Yim) to be a tool, weaponized in a #MeToo legal fashion, versus Don Lewis as retaliation for Don Lewis blowing the whistle on PB company’s financial misbehavior.

Since Don Lewis’ whistleblower saga started, certain product realities have come to light where Lewis has alleged that partners Christopher N. LaVigne and Denver G. Edwards have lied under oath.

Meanwhile, smarter associates are deserting the sinking fraud ship.

Notably, Mark Mukasey has actually filed to withdraw as PB’s counsel, recommending ethical concerns of his continued representation associated to big problems like Giuliani.

Lewis likewise kept in mind that Pierce’s partner, GC C arolynn Beck, told a litigation financier (Pravati) one of their cases had a potential value of $1,000,000,000.00 to safe financing.

The case was thrown out 15 months later on with $0.00 recovered.

Named partner David Hecht boasted about breaking ethical rules.  Hecht is no longer with the firm, and has scrubbed its name from his LinkedIn.

Apparently, resultant of Don Lewis whistleblowing, the firm’s partner Pierce was reportedly just recently put on leave for apparently Ponzi scheme like monetary shenanigans.

Additionally, PB’s General Counsel, Carolynn Beck, has been accused of deleting evidence and complicity in Pierce’s illicit self-dealing.

Latest reports are that there are a overall of 17 partners who have recently quit, as this scams ship sinks.

Lewis announces that in over 3 years, the self-proclaimed “Next Generation of Lawsuits Quality,” has one reported trial success, and three convicted felons as customers.

It appears that Don Lewis has sued the PB firm, along with associates at Littler Mendelson and Putney Twombly; and that Lewis is going to lose out on getting anything from PB – like everybody else left sitting in the brig of the sinking ship.

As for the individuals at PB, who lied to safeguard the bad faith, along with those at the other companies who helped and abetted the slander against Don Lewis, those parties had better have genuine great insurance, or settle real fast; otherwise Don Lewis will likely get them for everything they’ve got.

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